September 22nd, 2005


Random Lost Thought

A) I'm too lazy to cut and B) it's in the first few minutes of the show, so I don't feel like putting it behind spoilers, and C) it was quick and minor so I also don't care. ;)

When Jack's latest flashback kicks off, they toss off the name of the other driver in the accident that almost paralyzed his future fiance. The man's last name was Rutherford, Shannon's last name, and we just happen to know her father is dead. And on this show, there are no coincidences. I missed that the first time through, thought some other Lost fans out there might've done the same. And I wanted to note for myself.

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"While “Decimation,” the post House of M storyline running through Marvel’s X-Men titles this fall promises action as, or more intense as what was seen throughout the eight issue miniseries and related series. The four-issue Generation M miniseries is likely to be one of the quieter spots that you’ll find in the mutant landscape. "

Dude. My time spent on line is more intense and and action-packed than House of Molasses.

And I'm likely going to catch hell for voicing that on the Newsarama boards just now. ;)