September 20th, 2005


Marvel in the Year 2006

Just read over Marvel's future plans, and I will say there's things I'm looking forward to. Some good, fun things...

But does anyone *really* want a "Planet Hulk" gigantic event? Sounding like everyone gets turned into a Hulk? Anyone?

Things I do like:

  • Gaiman on Eternals.

  • More Supreme Power, but no surprise there.

  • More Whedon on Astonishing, but the big amusement is the image they used.

  • 1985, despite my misgivings of Mark Millar's work almost universally sucking, the concept at least has my attention to hear more on it, even if I doubt I'll buy.

  • Marvel Monsters Handbook

  • Marvel Handbook A-Z. Kick-ass.

  • 24 more Essential collections, including Nova.


Evolution Strikes in Vermont

Dipshit kid, trying to emulate a stunt on "Jackass" died. What was the stunt? Get a car going up around 30mph, throw open the door, put the car in cruise control, and jump out.

Thank you, for removing yourself from the gene pool!