August 26th, 2005


Note to Self

Do not put Celtic music on to listen to while going on the treadmill. Feet wanting to dance does not work while forced into walking.

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Since I Haven't Lately...

Allow me to profess my love for Blizzard again.

BLIZZARD IS in serious danger of becoming the darlings of anti-cheat vigilantes everywhere.

After reporting only earlier this month that they banned no less than 36,000 accounts, which covers games like StarCraft and Diablo II, they have now waded into their big MMORPG World of Warcraft and beat the hell out of about 1,500 accounts, wiping them clean off their servers for cheating.


Pizza Pizza!

Many here know about the pizza runs out to the Buffalo area (Six hours away) that John and I would make on occasion. His wife contacted me about finding a newspaper article that was written about us a few years ago, for a scrapbook she's putting together, since I had found it online way back after it was printed. I tracked it down, and she contacted the editor of the paper, and asked about a photo that was taken of us at the time, and since she had the exact date the article was printed, it was easy to find and get a copy. She naturally made me one and just dropped it off, so I decided to scan it and share with all of you, putting up a somewhat permanent rememberance of John out there on the web, and a rare pic of me.

The gang with pizza
From left to right: Stephanie, John, myself, and the owner of the pizzaria, Marco.

I'm the shortest one of the group. Damnit.

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