August 25th, 2005



Man, I love the whinging that some of 'em can get going over stuff, and reading into stuff that isn't really there to support their bitchfest. =)

Not that I'm immune to it, but I do try to not come off like many of them online can.



File this one in the “doh!” category: a UK iPod thief was caught red-handed when he brought the device to a local Apple retailer looking for cables for it — unfortunately for the thief, the manager of the Nottingham-based store he walked into was actually the guy he stole the iPod from. Adrian Smith, manager of Apple retailer KCRS, had had his iPod stolen out of his car the weekend before. When the “customer” walked into the store, Adrian noticed the unit looked rather familiar, and sure enough upon plugging it into one of the store’s machines, it turned up as “Adrian’s iPod.” Another staff member kept the thief occupied while Smith called the coppers, and the rest, as they say, is blog fodder