August 24th, 2005

IT Ninja

Google's Global Domination Initiative

Google's new IM client, Google Talk has gone into live beta for anyone with GMail (Which word is will be public later today if you're the one person without an account yet so there's no problem there), and I'm messing around with it. If anyone wants to add me or talk to me on it, the screen name is



Just noticed a moderately nifty feature. If you close an IM, when you click on that person's name again to recommence speaking to them, it immediately pops up the saved conversation. Sure, it's just message archiving and I'm not surprised that anything from Google has an archive, but it was neat to see the old conversation just instantly be there, to be picked up where you left off. Since I'm not one to leave conversations open once a person has logged off, or even if the conversation has stopped, I often forget what was said last should a person return and reply. That's moderately handy.

And here is a collection of screencaps showing off GTalk and its features.

I skipped the first one since it's just the guy begging people to stop inviting him to their GT buddy list. ;)