August 12th, 2005


Storm Clouds

According to Variety's new magazine V Life, Halle Berry was tired of fan pressures about her role as Storm, speaking before she signed on. "I suffered through the two movies where die-hard fans would come up to me and say, 'How come you let them make Storm wimp out all the time?'" she said. "As if I have any control. Last time I asked them to let Storm do something more than drive the plane, and she drove the plane. Storm is a formidable fighter in the comic books; she has a cape and can fly. I've never flown anywhere in two movies except behind the wheel of that plane. I'd hate to not be part of the final film, but I won't spend five months standing around, even though we all stand to get paid a lot of money this time."

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5. Did you follow NASA's latest space mission?
Yep. I follow every space mission to varying degrees. I'll watch the launch, and landing, and catch the news on what's up with it. I got a bit tired of the droning about everything that could go wrong, like this is anything new. =P

4. If you could launch a politician into space, and perhaps they wouldn't make it back, who would it be?
John Kerry, for botching the job so, so very badly. And because I refuse to go the obvious route.

3. Do you believe in an after-life?
Yes and no. I remain undecided on the whole thing, but I lean more towards reincarnation. Surprised?

2. If there really are aliens, what do you think they look like?
I think they'll look pretty alien.

1. Have you ever been to Europe?