August 5th, 2005


WoW, What Jerks

By the unique capitalization, yes, this is a post about World of WarCraft.

Was doing an instance, priest asked me to cast soulstone on them, and I thought I did. I've never *used* the spell before, so didn't really know what I was doing, and fucked it up. But RIGHT after it happens, someone I've never met before and can only be a friend of theirs, sends me this...

"You have to be the most retarded fuckin lock I've ever seen, you are a disgrace to your class, when the priests says soulstone, you fuckin do it, now you have to run all the way back to your bodies and the server will reset before you guys finish, way to go."


How mature.

And people wonder why I hate games that require you to socilaize with others.

We all get back together, the priest continues bitching on their own, and I tell them to unclench, it's just a game. They laugh, be insulting, and then refuse to ressurect me when I die again.

Yeah, I admit I fucked up, good way to hold a grudge there, shitheads.

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Buckley was asked, "Has anyone seen Joe Quesada? Joe Quesada, please report to your panel."

"Maybe he didn't have a ticket?"

"If Joe Quesada is out there, please let him in. Put that pencil down and get in here!" Buckley said. "I just called and got his voice mail ..."

"Where is Joe?" Loeb shouted.

"This happens every time," a voice shouted from the left side of the room, "this guy is late for everything!"

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Just because this should make Stacy twitch... ;)

Joe Quesada approached me and said, "Listen, the time is now on Jessica. We need to get a book going with her." As I began working with her in "Avengers," I started to think, "Man, I really love this and I want to see more SHIELD stuff." Originally, the plan for [“Daredevil” artist] Alex Maleev & I secretly was to do a SHIELD book.

So... We were going to get a SHIELD book, but now that's on the back burner... But on the other hand, it was going to be by Bendis, so.. ;)

At least there will be a large SHIELD presence in the Spider-Woman book.


Waiding In

"I've never had more fun writing a comic and Barry Kitson's is knocking it out of the park,” Waid said of his “Legion of Super-Heroes” series. "We encourage you to send letters in. We will print the best letters.” Waid begged off of talking about plot in order to keep the surprises flowing (though he did mention an upcoming death scene). Waid also confirmed that his Legion series would not be altered to reflect a “Legion of Super-Heroes” cartoon, currently in development.

Stone by Day, DVDs by Night

"Our friends at are once more keeping a close eye on updates for the next DVD box set of Gargoyles. They passed along a report a few days ago that creator Greg Weisman spoke at last weekend's "Gathering of the Gargoyles" convention. Weisman reportedly said that the second season's first volume (of what we expect would be two volumes) will arrive sometime during the upcoming Winter season. It will be on 3 DVDs and hold episodes 14-39 of the show. These 26 episodes would be presented along with several extras that would include audio commentary tracks. Stay tuned, and we'll bring you more information about this exciting release once Buena Vista releases their detailed plans."