July 30th, 2005


Comics Next Week

Oh gods! A week where the number of issues didn't justify shipping! Such glorious times! And a nice break from everything else this past month! I'm actually falling behind and the comics are slightly stacking up! ...So I went and added a comic from last week cyclopsscott went and reccomended, and added it to the list so's I could order.

I like the break from all the comics, but I'm also impatient.

DC Special The Return Of Donna Troy #3
Fantastic Four House Of M #2
Iron Man House Of M #2
Marvel 1602 New World #1
Marvel Team-Up #11
Monster War #3 Witchblade vs Frankenstein Chin Cvr
New Avengers #8 1
Serenity #2 Chen Cvr
Superman #220
Tomb Raider Witchblade Magdalena Vampirella One Shot Tan Cvr
Uncanny X-Men #463
Witchgirls Inc #1

Now, to eat dinner, and write a rant.


Mom. J's Mom.

So, a commercial comes on for "The Complete Bond Collection: 1962-1989". My mother is surprised that James Bond ran for so long, actually lasting 27 years!


Ok, the title of the set is misleading (It's volume one, or somesuch...), but still. "I don't remember there being any James Bond films in the 90s..."