June 18th, 2005


Comics Next Week

And the stragglers from last week.

*deep breath*

Astro City The Dark Age #1
Birds Of Prey #83
Cable Deadpool #16

Captain America Vol 5 #7
Day Of Vengeance #3
Dream Police #1
Giant Size X-Men #3
GLA #3

House Of M #2
JLA Classified #8
Legion Of Super-Heroes #7
Lucifer #63
Man With The Screaming Brain #2
Monster War #2 Tomb Raider vs Wolf Men Chin Cvr
New Avengers #6
New X-Men #15
Nightcrawler #7
Otherworld #4
Rogue #12
Seven Soldiers Klarion The Witch Boy #2
Spellbinders #4
Spider-Man Breakout #3
Spider-Man House Of M #1
Stormbreaker Saga Of Beta Ray Bill #6
Supreme Power #17
Teen Titans #25
Uncanny X-Men #461

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Ultimate Apology

Well, not so much an apology, but I did make some mocking comments a few months ago, that is only right to take back.

Ultimates volume 2 has come out regularly for six issues straight. Kudos to all involved for making those of us who didn't have any faith in them pulling this off eat our words.

But just watch it, you got six months to go, and I've got more bitching to make if you stumble! ;)

I may not care about the comic, but I can respect the turnaround on the regular releasing.

Now, as for Secret War.....


The Conquest Continues.

The online search giant Google is getting ready to launch an online electronic payment system some time later this year. This would pose the biggest thread to eBay’s PayPal service known to many over the last few years. EBay bought PayPal in 2002 for about 1.3 million to incorporate the service in its own online auction. Google’s profits had been strictly depended on the advertising but this type of service might bring potential revenues and possibly make Google less dependent on ads.
Google declines to comment.

Time After Time

Quantum mechanics may allow for time travel without having to worry about the infamous 'grandfather paradox'.

I love how this is a 'new' theory, but I've read several time travel stories over the decades where you can go back in time, but are unable to change events...