June 15th, 2005


Name Game

I've got my brain bubbling for my oft-discussed webcomic again, due to some similar work elsewhere, and the core of it has remained the same, but some things have shifted out and around...

It's still about a group of comic geeks, the fallen angel has fallen out, everyone is a normal person, a coffee shop would be a frequent backdrop, since I've got a character to run the place based on a friend that just worked in my head. Blah blah blah.

My biggest problem has always been the name. It's previously been referred to as "Paradigm Shifts". While I love the name, it never quite fit this idea. Not that details like that have stopped other web comics, with the changes to the ideas, I decided a different name was called for. Which is kinda ironic, since the comic makes a shift of paradigms of its own, but I digress...

So, I'm pondering names.

My way early original idea was "The ComicCons" but that made it sound like they just escaped from Sing Sing. Which my brain played around with, but...no. ;) So, what to name a comic about a bunch of comic geeks and their wacky adventures, which will include the coffee shop, the comic store, stupidity of my...er, the main character's mother, and visiting comic conventions?

My current favourite picks are "Unlimited Edition" and "Near-Mint Condition". Should be obvious what my original choices were there, but the URLs were pretty much scooped up in every halfway decent variation. ;) Some sort of comic reference is preferable, but not required. And anything trademarked/copyrighted/whatever is right out. So no House of F, since that's a bit too close...and will not make any sense in a few years when my lazy ass is likely to get around to this!

Brainstorm with me!

Don't let any URL related issues hinder you, just toss stuff out there, it might kick another idea loose. Let me worry about domain names.

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