June 10th, 2005


Worlds Away

This has got to be my current favourite image. So many geeky characters.

And Spider-Ham! Fucking SPIDER-HAM!! I love it. Brilliant.

For printing this, I'll be nice and buy the "Ultimate FF/Spidey" handbook I'd been debating avoiding. I love that Grummet's covers have had more character interaction than most of the others before, which were bog standard 'Characters running at you, OMG!' covers.

I so love my OHOTMUs. Now, if we can just cut down on the errors and typos...

And yes, Sheryl. That's Killraven in the background.
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Greenhouse Effect

Ok, I think my brain may have just glommed onto another bit of silliness from my mom. I never really gave it much thought before.

We have one room of our place with no northern exposure, so basically it gets hit with the sun all day long. Now, we have three large windows in the walls, one of which takes up almost the entire length of the shorter wall, the rest is filled by the door. The other two windows do much the same on the other wall.

Now, darling mother dear says that keeping the windows closed, which get beat on by the sun all day long, somehow keep the room COOLER, despite it usually being cooler outside...

Did I miss something in school, or wouldn't there be a minor greenhouse effect going on here, actually making the room hotter by keeping the windows closed, and not allowing any air, except for the door, come in?