June 3rd, 2005


Three Times a Summers

"Asked who the third Summers brother was, Quesada said he had no idea, and turned to Claremont, who replied with a “Yep.” The writer added that the question will be addressed in X-Men: The End v2 #5."

And damn if I'm not all psyched for Old...er, New Excalibur.


Wait and See!

" Asked about Wolverine being on the New Avengers, Quesada said that it will be a different kind of “membership” than what many fans may expect, and, given that he just showed up in New Avengers, urged people to wait and see what Brian Bendis has planned. "

Y'know...this is all anyone ever says about Bendis' writing.

"What's up with Wanda?" "Wait and see!"

"What's the deal with Logan?" "Wait and see!"

I know it's a typical line, but it feels really played out with Bendis. You wait, and wait, and wait, but there's not a whole lotta seeing, is there?

Edit: Oh look...

"Also on the House of M front, Quesada stated that this summer’s crossover storyline is only the beginning, and that there will be five major “tentpole” events coming in 2006." So in other words, House of M will lead into something else, so stuff will remain unanswered, which means, that's right, "WAIT AND SEE!"



" Claremont named the lineup for the November-debuting New Excalibur: Nocturne, Juggernaut, Dazzler, Sage, Pete Wisdom, and Captain Britain. The writer said that the new series will go back to basics, as the team takes the responsibility of cleaning up a major repercussion that comes as a result of House of M, adding that the title will be for fans who are looking for cosmic comedy, romance, and adventure in their books. Obviously, it’s set in England as well."

Sooooo, it's got some similar cast, back in England, back to the cosmic comedy, romance, and adventure of the original run...yet the new title, which is more like the old, original title than the middle volume...is the one being called NEW Excalibur?

*hits* *head* *on desk*