May 5th, 2005


"Miracles" Musings

Listening to a commentary track, (For The Battle at Shadow Ridge") and the creator and writer for the episode are discussing how Paul is somehow a magnet for paranormal occurances, and Keele brings him along on a trip because he desperately wants to see something, wants to experience these strange things himself...

Alva, dude... Have you seen what happens to Paul? I wouldn't want to be anywhere NEAR him, or desire his life!

And then later one, after Paul gets shot, "Ahh, yet another in the long series of injuries that happens to Paul during the course of our show". Nice of the them to acknowledge he's a human punching bag. ;)


Perez Dispenser

Oooh. George Perez signed a five-year exclusive with DC. But this I really like...

Pérez has at least one project he’d love to tackle. “It seems inconceivable in my thirty-plus years in this industry that I’ve never drawn a Legion of Super-Heroes story, and that’s a wrong that needs to be addressed. I’ve called that to Mark Waid’s attention, in fact, and he agrees with me. Legion was one of my favorite books as a child, and I’ve never drawn them except when they appeared in Crisis. I think there may be a market for a standalone Waid-Pérez Legion of Super-Heroes story…

Yes, please?



You are Van Gogh Google

You are deep and thoughtful and creative and
sometimes can be lonely. You may not be arty
like Van Gogh himself but singing, painting,
drawing, writing, dancing and playing an
instrument are all forms of art too. Sometimes
you may feel lonely but you always have an
escape from it all through your art form,
whatever it may be.

People love you for your intelligence and
creativity and your ability to see life in a
whole other way.

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