April 20th, 2005


Motherly Amusement

So, one of our cats has gotten very knotted fur, and she absolutely hates the brush. Ironically enough, she hates ME yet I can manage to brush her more than most.

Anyways, we sent her to the vet, to get it all worked out, or shaved if need be. Well, the be was needed...

So the cat came home, and she still has hair on her head, tail, and legs. My mother is looking at her, laughing, and finally bursts out with:

"She looks like one of those shaved cats!"

Well yes, mom, that may be because she IS A SHAVED CAT!

*sigh* ;)


And So it Begins

Last summer, the Avengers were disassmbled by one of their own.

And Foenix went mad.

Since then, his feelings have festered, and his mind has rotted. Now, in a LiveJournal-spanning, blog-changing event, he will return, and nothing will ever be the same again!

LJers will live. LJers will die. LJers will say "agh" and repeat dialogue a lot. LJers will be changed...FOREVER!!

The universe will tremble this summer. And you have a front row seat as we fling the doors wide and you will enter...

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House of F Tie-Ins

The first of hopefully many tie-ins to the House of F event has been announced, House of F: icewing!! What will happen to Icewing in this world of LJs gone weird?? You don't know!! You'll have to read and find out!


Alias Musings

Scariest thing you can hear Jack say: Don't worry, I'll take care of it.

Arvin Clone. Heehee.

And bloody, scary, insane Sloane. o.o