April 6th, 2005


New Toy

So, I've found a new webloging service, Blogsome. Totally free, doesn't require you running anything like some do (Moveable Type, I think? They may have a web version...well, I guess they DO now with LJ, but not quite what I meant...) and is very fully-featured, with tons of things and settings you can do, and has that 'professional' weblog look down. I really rather like it...

Sadly, LiveJournal wins out for one simple reason: Alla you. Well, except you. I can't stand you. Fucker. I love the sense of community that LJ has created here with the friends page, as simple an idea as it seems. It's much more intimate than just having a link to say indigoskynet off on the side. I'd have a LOT of links over there, and wouldn't have run into a lot of really cool people otherwise.

So, this journal, and I, are going nowhere. No worries. I have been playing around with my other weblog a bit though, and would love to do SOMETHING with it, just don't know what. And yeah, I know it's pretty much more of the same right now, hence why I don't need/want two journals. If I can come up with a good enough reason to post seperate stuff over there, it might be active in the future. Might just be shiny new toy syndrome, but who knows?

Also has 30 megs (I think...) of space to host images on you can use. Handy. Tons of good user features over there, that blow away the free LJ account away, IMO.

If there's any suggestions, feel free. I'm mostly just rambling for myself, and to share the new toy. ;)

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