April 1st, 2005


Cocked Up

Dave Cockrum has stepped down from working on Giant Sized X-Men due to health reasons, and the art chores will instead be done by Neal Adams.


Video Card Update

Long-time readers will know my ongoing frustrations here.

Just got the latest card in, and THIS doesn't work either.

NOTHING makes sense for the problem, aside from videocard.

The computer boots up, everything is fine, then after a few minutes, the screen gets all jumbled. Even in BIOS, so it's not Windows. Once the screen goes jumbly, I can still *use* the computer, so everything works, except for the videosignal. I can move the mouse around, I can open programs, I can shut down the computer. I just have major issues seeing the screen to do these things. But this is the third returned videocard to DO this, so...

My gut still says vidcard, but every one of 'em?