March 26th, 2005


Comics Next Week

Astonishing X-Men #9
DC Countdown To Infinite Crisis #1
Doctor Spectrum #6
Fantastic Four #524
Flash #220
Legion Of Super-Heroes #4
Otherworld #1
Secret War Book 4
Spectacular Spider-Man #26
Spider-Man #12 Marvel Knights
Wizard Comics Magazine #163 House Of M Cvr
X-Men Age Of Apocalypse #5
X-Men Phoenix Endsong #3 Ltd Ed Variant Cover
X-Men Phoenix Endsong #4


For Amusement

Don't watch the show, but am vaguely familiar with it, and I got a few chuckles from this.

Your Battlestar Galactica Fate by seraphim_ranks
Are you:
You joined the Galactica by:Sneaking aboard disguised as someone else
Your call sign:Jester
You fall in love with:William Adama
Only to have them:Quote you the Military rules of fraternization.
You make it through this many episodes:12
And are written off:Written off? Me? I run the show!
Liklihood of winning an award for your performance: 96%
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