March 23rd, 2005


Comic Shtuff.

X-Men 3 from CBR:

In a supplementary report on Matthew Vaughn's confirmation as director of the new X-film, IGN's FilmForce has a source claiming that "Anna Paquin is signed to return as Rogue and that the Danger Room will finally be seen. Our insider reiterated that a male Angel will be in 'X3,' along with Beast and Gambit. They also denied that the Sentinels will be in 'X3,' as was reported yesterday at Our source, however, refused to comment on the site's other claim that the film's villain will be Dr. Bolivar Trask."

Killraven from Newsarama.

Variety reports that Sony is negotiating with Marvel to take Killraven from a comic book to a movie, and then build a franchise around him. In Hollywood-ese, Sony’s looking to make Killraven a tentpole release, an event movie. According to the trade, Sony is talking to Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Robert Schenkkan to adapt.

And word is that Marsden is likely to be in X-Men 3, despite earlier rumours to the contrary.