February 12th, 2005


Comics Next Week

A lone week worthy of purchase on its own!

Astonishing X-Men #8
Birds Of Prey #79
Cable Deadpool #12
Green Lantern Rebirth #4
JLA Classified #4
Lucifer #59
New X-Men #10
Official Handbook Of The Marvel Universe Marvel Knights 2005
She-Hulk #12
Spectacular Spider-Man #25
Stormbreaker Saga Of Beta Ray Bill #2
Teen Titans #21
Toyfare #92 Giant Sized X-Men Tribute Cvr
Wolverine #25


New School

There's been talk for a long time, since before I graduated, to renovate my high school. The new superintendent is all gung-ho to get this done, and I rather like some of the plans, including ideas of making it more of a community center. And hey! New chorus and band areas!

Not that I expect people here to know or care, outside of, oh, maybe two people who might be interested, so I scanned in some pics from the local papers, with a few additions of my own to point out where the original schools were. For those new that may give a crap, the elementary school and high school are on the same space, seperated by a parking lot. Part of the plans is to link the two schools. Sounds like a plan. Really sucked in the winter.
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