February 10th, 2005


My Mother's Lost

It's always fun watching shows that require an attention span, with my mom.

"Who are they talking about?"

"The guy who kidnapped Claire."

"Who kidnapped Claire?"


"Who's Ethan?"

"The guy who kidnapped Claire!"

More amusing than outright dopey. We don't know anything about Ethan yet, so that's really all we can say. ;)

Then the flashback kicks in. "I'm confused, who are these people, and where are they?"

"You may have noticed by now, over the past 12 or so episodes that the show flashes back to events pre-crash to inform us about the characters. And that's Charlie..."


(no subject)

Foenix13: And if there's burnt hair, that's been happening to [Logan] a LOT lately.
DkPhnx: He's going to be singed to the bone, at this rate. Singed, flayed by optic beams, possibly find sharp objects phased into his chest...
Foenix13: Beaten with diamonds...
DkPhnx: *twitch*
Foenix13: By Colossus using her as a club. ;)
DkPhnx: I can go with that image :-)
Foenix13: "Nyet, tovarisch! Bad Logan! No beer!"