February 5th, 2005


Comics Next Week

With last week's stragglers finally making a buyable week.

24 Stories One Shot
Bloodhound #8
Captain America & The Falcon #12
Captain America Vol 5 #3

Excalibur #9
Exiles #59
Fables #34
Incredible Hulk #78
JLA #111

Marvel Team-Up #5
New Avengers #3 Regular Cvr
New Thunderbolts #5
Spider-Man #11 Marvel Knights

Superman Batman #17
Supreme Power #15
Uncanny X-Men #455
X-Men Fantastic Four #3
X-Men Phoenix Endsong #2
Young Avengers #1

Mother of Invention

Should I be concerned that I dreamt about my mother being shot and killed in front of me, but this doesn't register as "nightmare"? Frankly, I'm just glad to be dreaming again regularly.

And when you send someone off to a section of a store to go look for something you wish to purchase, do you go meet the person in that department to proceed to pay for it, or do you go sit in the car once you're done buying everything else? =P

My mother apparently does the latter. "I thought you'd come find me in the car," she says after I've been waiting for twenty minutes. Theoretically, if I had found the DVD she wanted, how would I have gotten to the car to get her, since one typically does not carry unpaid for items out of the store? Yes, I could have put it down and left, but if she's paying for it, would it not make sense for her to come to me?