Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Drive By


I think my DVD ROM drive in my computer is in need of replacing.  It tends to stick shut.  But ONLY when there's no disc inside.  It's like there is something just a little off balance when the tray is empty, and the mechanism to open the drawer has trouble engaging.

In addition, it ONLY seems to happen when it's cold outside, but that requires further study.  And yes, the house is warm, but there's a constant chill breeze and cold wall right behind the computer that MIGHT be a factor in that.  If it is contributing.

It does eventually open, but having to kill ten or twenty minutes repeatedly pushing the button to try and get the drive to open is a tad annoying.  Considering how old it is, and how much I use it, I shouldn't be surprised.  And as long as I keep a disc in it, no problem.  Just a HUGE annoyance when I forget, and might be in a hurry.

I was starting to have fears of not being able to work on a review tonight, since I couldn't actually *watch the movie* intended to be reviewed!


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