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"Ken Jennings has found a job. The Jeopardy champion who lasted a record 75 games will become a spokesmodel for Microsofts Encarta encylopedia."

Or, he could get a job doing commercials for the Encyclopedia Britanica!

"Hi, remember me? No, I didn't have a report due on space. That was the OTHER guy."


Destroying Childhood Memories

I've been sitting on this for a day now. Outside of a brief appearance of the link to IRC last night.

Some poor, pathetic sort decided they needed to make animated porn featuring the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

It's like bad pornfic given form.

And with less plot.

This isn't safe for anyone. You have been warned.

And I've likely scared off anyone thinking to link to my journal now. =)


Dear Mom

Rather than sitting around all weekend and saying every day how in two weeks it'll be time for Christmas, and you have baking and decorating to do...

Get off the recliner and do some baking and decorating!!

Not a hard equation here. ;)


X-Mas X-Men

Preview of a bunch of pages from the upcoming Christmas issue of X-Men, #165.

This just looks like huge fun. The look on Emma's face when she gets hit is priceless. =)

And yay, Kitty, Rachel, Lockheed, and Wolvie all together at once! And Ray looks cute in her elf outfit. =D


Long Overdue

I'd been meaning to do this for ages, but never really had any ideas.

Trading Cards
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My...My First GIP

I couldn't resist. I saw the pic of Scott, and HAD to icon it. Wanted to do something for my friend cyclopsscott but nothing really worked. So I went the generic route.

If anyone wants to take it, feel free.

This is how it starts, isn't it?

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