December 5th, 2004



Cunning. Through use of many of life's faculties,
you've managed to suceed greatly. It may not
seem so to many, but isn't the the point most
times? It's only a matter of knowing more then
the others, right? I'm scared of people like
you, but in the same time, admire the ability
to see more then just the big picture; you see
yourself in it every time. You survived the end
by knowing who to knock down so you got that
last spot in the bunker... nicely done.

How would you survive the end of the world?
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To My Fellows

Meaning, the two or so people from high school who are actually reading this...

Nathan and Nicholas Turco were arrested for grand larceny. I am Jack's complete lack of surrprise. ;)



Downside: I'm still awake.

Upside: Finally saw series VI Marvel Legends figures. They didn't HAVE any of the one I want, of course...

There were other thoughts, but my brain is goo.


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Your own RPG situation by Amberishjewel
Your Weapon of Choice?
Which Is Most Important?
Name Your Magic!
Okay, Which Direction To The Castle?
Only One Ability, Now!
Was it YOU who put the arrow in the gazebo?
Your DM is...buttercup_
Your Character's name will be...kymscrazy
The one who will turn evil halfway through...paulobrien
Quoteable quote!"But that was a +3 arrow!"
Chance of Surviving the Campaign?: 32%
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Now I remember the other upside.

Since my mother takes forever in stores, I usually wander off to the toy department, and/or electronics. K-Mart was airing Spider-Man 2, which I've been kicking myself for putting on my Christmas list and making me wait for Dunsty goodness.

So, I got to watch the last 20 minutes on about 15 tvs. And the usual messed-up widescreen tvs playing a full-frame image. I was about to complain. =P

And it was SO hard to not go "Squee!" at MJ's "Go get 'em, tiger," line.

I'm such a geek.