December 4th, 2004


Comics Next Week

Last week's plus this batch.

Bloodhound #6
Doctor Spectrum #4
Fables #32
G-Man one-shot
JLA #109
Nightcrawler #3
Rising Stars #23
She-Hulk #10
Marvel Knights Spider-Man #9
ToyFare #90
Transformers: Energon #30
X-Men/Fantastic Four #1
X-Men: The End: Book One - Dreamers & Demons #6
X-Men Unlimited #6

Now, I have a quandary. These two weeks' of comics come to about 65 dollars, and change. Ten dollars for shipping. If I *spend* ten more dollars, I get free shipping. So, I can say heck with it and eat the shipping, or eat the shipping with more comics I was 'eh' over and didn't get earlier, or...wait 'til next week and combine three orders for free shipping.



From a RACMX discussion:

Sinister's plan was to engender a powerful being (of the sort later
embodied by Nate/X-Man) under his control by mating Jean (via Maddie)
and Scott's. (Think: the Bene Gesserit (sp?) attempt to create the
Kumquat Haagendasz in Dune.)