December 3rd, 2004


Wax On

Honor. Friendship. Fisting. [Fisting? FISTING??]

IT'S KARATE, KID! The Musical is an outrageous and unconventional riff on the beloved �80s film. Under the manicured guiding hand of a mystical
maintenance man, Daniel-San Larusso wages war against pill-popping, white trash deviants; well-styled, bloodthirsty karate students; rampaging hormones and many more "unsavory things."

Featuring 20 ferocious new songs, including "Wax On! Wax Off!," "�A� My Name is Ali" and "We are the Bitchkicks," this KID chops through an orgy of drug-fueled excess and sexual perversion to win the gold!

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The teaser poster for Batman Begins has been released.

Two thoughts come to my head, both in a MST3K vein...

"Aww man, what a time to drop a contact lens..."
"Wait, how am I gonna get back DOWN from here??"