October 14th, 2004



Because it's always needed. ;) And no surprise, it's from my mom!

"I'll never forget the day John walked in here with that, whatchacallit, that hatchet like thing..."

"That would be an 'axe'."

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    Worm Quartet - I Don't Give A Shit About Your Website


Screen Savers is reaching the last straw with me.

I can handle Alex, he's been settling in over the last few weeks, and is less hyper, but tonight's show...

I don't give two shits about Jason Mewes being on a technology show, nor do I care about some Blonde Bimbo X-Box Babe.

The show has been going down the tubes since Leo was forced out, and even before then really. Since it became TechTV, there's been a steady decline that's just gotten worse.

This has nothing to do with technology anymore, and is just about ratings.