August 4th, 2004

IT Ninja


This is gonna ruin my reputation.

Friend of mine - Scott in Canada, for anyone keeping score - is seriously strapped for cash, so I offered him some to help get him by. Just as I would, he was reluctant to take the offer, but I'd be damned if I'd accept a no. He's done quite a bit for me, and this is just a little repayment. Or a late birthday present, even. ;) I like to help my friends, when and if I can, and it's been awhile.

I guess I need to show I have a good heart while trying to figure out why medical science seems to be indicating I have a bad one. ;)

"Those who walk the path along my side shall never know a greater ally, and those who try and block our path shall never know a greater enemy."
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Frank Ruminations

Was watching this week's Dead Like Me, which has a character (Mason) who somehow reminds me of Frank, without being ANYthing like him.


This week, Mason did something which firmly cemented the Frankness forever. He gets insulted quite readily by Mandy Patinkin's character (Rube), and he reaches into his pocket, mumbling about having something for Rube to say thinks, and yanks out his hand, flipping the middle finger.

Frank did this all the time, or often enough for it to stick in my brain...