June 7th, 2004


Behold the Scruff!

You're Scruffy!Wesley. Starting with Loyalty and
ending...well he's still scruffy and bitter.
Wesley's pretty much alone right now. What
this says about you: Oh dear, you're a bit
jaded, aren't you? You're unhappy about the
way your life has gone, but you deeply care
about the people around you. Don't worry,
things will get better, you just have to give
it time. And isolating yourself isn't going to

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The Rev. George Malkmus often preaches about how he believes the world of proper eating began or, in his opinion, vegan.

"The Lord gave us everything we need in the Garden of Eden: fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds," the preacher-turned-diet adviser said in an interview at Hallelujah Acres, his North Carolina headquarters. "That's why we call the way we eat the 'Hallelujah Diet.' We celebrate its true creator."

Ooh! Ohh! Mister Reverand sir? God also gave us tasty animals in the Garden!

And apples. =)


As Seen on the Newsgroups


I also thought Cyclops' annoucement of a new team was retarded,
considering it was, aside from Kitty, the same team they already had.
It's like "After a highly selective process, I've hand picked the five
guys I've been already hanging out with for the past ten months. I
now declare you the core X-men team" "That's nice Scott, weren't we