May 26th, 2004


"Wonder" Falls Into DVD This Winter?


We've got some very good news for everyone who's been campaigning their asses off for the past month -- it looks like we're going to get those DVDs! Tim Minear posted this on a messageboard today:

"Okay, some tiny good news -- looks as though 20th is going to go through with "Wonderfalls" DVDs. The folks on the DVD marketing side love the 13 episodes and see great potential. We're talking about extras and commentary and all that good stuff. December/Holiday release was mentioned. I'll keep you updated. (BTW -- a flood of 'postcards' was mentioned. We were asked, 'that's not your families sending those, is it?' Um. In a *way*...)"

We also spoke with Bryan Fuller, who says "20th is very interested in releasing a DVD but we have to figure some things out to make it financially doable, specifically the music liscensing. They did the same thing on Roswell, swapping out some more expensive songs with more affordable ones. You'll also notice on the Sixteen Candles soundtrack that very few of the songs you may have seen in the theater actually appear on the video version."

Bryan also stresses that we "shouldn't stop sending post cards until it's done and done -- you never know what can derail something like this." So please continue to show 20th you're interested -- obviously they're listening!"

Oh Good Gods

"South America is south of us, North America, right?"

And, "Is the point of getting an animal off the endangered species list is to have more of them around?"

Edit: "There really are vampire bats?"