May 17th, 2004


The Advancing Stupidity

Augh. Just read this from the B5 newsgroups, and had to share:

This reminds me of a story JMS told at the con - I don't think anyone else
has mentioned it yet. He included a reference to "Ahab" in a script for some
tv show he was working on. The character said something like "Oh, so he was
his own personal Ahab." When JMS went to the production office for notes,
the guy there said, "There's a mistake in the script. There's this character
you only mention once, and never again." JMS didn't know what he was talking
about, so the guy said "Here. 'Ahab.' See?" Of course, JMS was floored by
the guy's ignorance, and so pointed out that it was a reference to Moby Dick.
The production guy said something like, "Look, I'm an MBA, and if _I've_
never read that, there are going to be a lot of people watching who never
read it."

JMS found the classic comics version of "Moby Dick" and sent it to the MBA in
production, which I don't think went over well. :-)