March 8th, 2004


Ultimate Rhyming

Mostly for Brucha. ;) An excerpt from an article today at Newsarama, about Brian Vaughan's upcoming Ultimate X-Men run:

"My four-part arc is called "Tempest." I don't want to reveal too much, as my story deals in part with the fallout of some pretty spectacular stuff that happens at the end of Bendis' arc, but I can say that [artist] Brandon Peterson and I will be introducing the Ultimate version of at least one major X-villain," he told Newsarama.

Said bad guys name rhyming with "Sister Minister."

This time out, rather than a megalomaniacal mutant overlord with an eye on genetic manipulation and control of the worlds mutant population, Mr. Sinister is serial killer targeting mutants in Manhattan - some of his targets, in fact, may be characters whove already taken the stage in UXM or elsewhere in the Ultimate Marvel Universe. Vaughan has said previously that the Ultimate Sinisters powers will be unique from his Marvel Universe counterparts - different from anything seen in before - and that he just may be working for someone else, with hints at a larger anti-mutant conspiracy afoot.

And back to me, wondering... So, what's the point of calling him Mister Sinister if he's a completely different character?