February 26th, 2004


Marvel for May, 2004

What I plan to get from Marvel in May. I might start doing this regularly...

Astonishing X-Men #1

Uncanny X-Men #444

X-Men #157 (I don't know why.)

New X-Men: Academy X #1. (Annoying name that's growing on me, and I sort of see the reasoning behind it. Or, I could start calling it "That Defillipis/Weir Book".)

Excalibur #1 (Goodbye, Igor. Don't let the door hit your art on the way out.)

The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: X-Men 2004. (Hopefully more along the vein of the OHOTMUDE, than the Marvel Encyclopedias. I'm psyched for this.)

Exiles #'s 46 and 47 (Tony Bedard. This book could *really* end up kicking ass.)

Mystique #'s 14 and 15 (Down to probation, depending on the new writer.)

Cable/Deadpool #3

Amazing Spider-Man #508

Spider-Man #2 (Undecided on this one. Dodson great. Millar...I wish he'd disappear with Igor.)

Wolverine #15 (I am amused to no end that they're moving titles that aren't 'superheroy' to the MK imprint, and the first storylines in them are practically cliches. Here we have Wolverine vs. Sabretooth.)

X-Statix #24 (And here we have a superteam slugfest, featuring the Avengers.)

Secret War: Book Two (The first issue was pretty decent, and it's only quaterly, so it sticks around.)

Fantastic Four #513

AVENGERS/THUNDERBOLTS #4 (Read this book!!)

Captain America & the Falcon (And this one.)

Thanos #10 (I..have no idea what to make of this solicitation. I may drop the title after I see what Giffen does with it.)

Captain Marvel #23 (Lopresti drawing Marlo. If I wasn't reading this book, I would be now.)

Hawkeye #8 (Hawkeye and Black Widow. Nifty. And nice cover by Salvador.)

Supreme Power #10


My Day is Made

From an interview at ComiX-Fan

CXF: Excalibur is revealed as being set in Genosha rather than England as the original series was. Xavier and Archangel are going to be part of the cast, as is Rachel Summers as the new Marvel Girl. What else can we expect to find in this series?

CC: Really great art, and stories to match {as of the time of this interview, late last week, Igor Kordey was set to be the ongoing artist. His situation has changed since then and it appears that all of his work may have been scrapped. See 'KORDEY'S SWORD SHEATHED ON EXCALIBUR' for more details. Claremont has no idea on who Marvel are considering as a replacement.}. However, the only character Im prepared to commit to absolutely and positively as regards Excalibur is Charley. As Ive said previously, I consider this his book, one thats been too long in coming. Ive always felt that, occasionally of necessity, Xavier has been given short-shrift in the other X-books, used mainly as a deus ex machina or all-purpose victim while the students grabbed the lions share of the limelight.

Rachel! Squeeee!

Even if Chris is staying mum about it.