January 27th, 2004


How I Won

Because Thena asked in comments, and it became a lengthy tale, I decided I'd share it here, for folks not digging into every back-comments that may care to see.


Here's the story...

I was idly poking around for Birds of Prey issues. I saw that auction. Now, I'm a big Babs/Batgirl/Oracle fan, and am loving Gail Simone's issues of the series. This auction made me go "Ooooh" since it was at a low price, and I don't own any original art. Out of all the things they could've put up there, that's likely the most attention grabbing they could do for me, outside of the inked version.

I mentally sorted out how much money I had, and was willing to, piss away on it.

In the early AM, I took a stab at a bid, just going a dollar over the current bid, to see how things look. I'll admit right now, I tend towards sniping, and I'll rarely do earlier bids, not wanting to drive the price up in a bidding war. I'm evil, yes.

Anywho, he had a higher bid, so I ended up just nudging up the price. I needed sleep, if I wanted to be up in time to take a stab at it, and left a wake up time with my parents. Alarm clocks don't do squat for waking me up. That's a story for another time, though.

Said to get me up at 4. She comes in at 4:15. I stumble to the computer, since I knew 4 was going to be cutting things close, loaded Mozilla, and the auction had literally 33 seconds left, and was still at the price I had nudged it upwards from. In my addled state, I quickly searched my brain for a number, punched it in, and bid, beating the high bid by one dollar, on the nose.

If I had woken up on time, I likely would have had more thought going in, and may have considered not getting it, because now that I've had a few hours, my brain is still balking at spending fifty dollars on a piece of paper with pencilmarks on it. ;)

So basically, luck, timing, and little desire from other folks to own it, probably because it's just preliminary pencils. Still cool, IMO, though.



New Phoenix bust.

"A Diamond Select Release! The Phoenix Force returns to the pages of the X-Men, but this time Jean Grey is in control! Writer Grant Morrison and artist Frank Quitely worked the return of the galaxy-destroying Phoenix Force into their run on New X-Men, in popular storylines such as "Riot at Xavier's" and "Assault on Weapon Plus." Celebrate the return of the Phoenix Force with the New X-Men Phoenix Bust. "

Ok, this is AGAIN based off artwork NOT by Frank Quitely (Who also didn't do Assault on WX) instead by Ethan Van Sciver. He wasn't happy the last time they said the bust was by Quitely, and I doubt this will bring much joy either.