January 20th, 2004



Well, I got the video of Mice on American Idol captured, but I'm not sure if the final conversion worked, since my computer is having issues with mpeg2 files. =P


Bunnies! I Must Be Bunnies!

Does this make Alan my boss?

You are Rabbit.
Sometimes your creative solutions land you in
sticky situations but you remain adventurous
and undaunted by failure. You posess an
infectious confidence and deep thinking comes
naturally to you.
Always on the go with many paws in many pies,
Rabbits can appear slightly manic to others.
But not to worry, you have everything under
control... most of the time.

Which Pooh character are you?
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Curious Parties

Hit me on IRC for a link to Mice's clip, or I'll DCC it to you. I really don't want to slap a link on here to it, because that'll suck up bandwidth I can't control the flow of very well.