Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Let's Talk Television - Alcatraz 1x01/1x02 - Pilot/Ernest Cobb

...Well, hello there, favourite new show of the season.

Need I really say more?  Really?

Ok, straight up, Jorge Garcia is a big ol' teddy bear, and he's worth watching in anything.  And he strikes me as more genuinely geeky than anyone on shows like, oh, Chuck.

Sam Neill is the man, and worth watching in ALMOST anything.

And the lead female detective kicks some good butt too, and reminds me of Katee Sackoff in good ways.

I love time travel, I love mysteries, and this show...oh, this show.  I have such a big grin right now, because I have been hoping for this show all year, hoping it was good, and while that can build up expectations, this show delivered on them.

These first two episodes set up a LOT of intriguing things, most notably the mystery of who took the prisoners from Alcatraz in 1963, where they went, and why they're back.  Those ALONE could make a show, but then they go and add layers and layers upon that.  I love the 'new Alcatraz' as I'm calling it, in the middle of the woods, where the recaptured escapees are being kept.  That's a great addition, where many shows might never have even bothered to deal with it beyond the lying handwave of, "They were sent elsewhere".  Making the prisoners ongoing characters is great.  It really helps the episodic feel of it.

Making Hauser one of the guards who showed up in '63 and discovered the now-empty prison wasn't a big surprise, but told well for that sort of thing.  Making one of the escapees our lead's grandfather is another good touch.  And the ending to the second episode?  THAT I did *not* see coming AT ALL.  And it blew my mind.  That was very much a Lost-style WTF?! moment, and I so, so missed those.

This show captured my imagination with these first two episodes in ways that Fringe didn't, not for awhile, and I am SO on board for this show, and so happy it met my expectations.



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