December 30th, 2003



FoeWritingBeforeSherKillsHim> "So, good riddance Chuck Austen. Good riddance, Frank Quitely. Good riddance, Grant Morrison. May the door not hit your asses on the way out."
* `Falstaff toasts.
`Falstaff> And let the people say... A-men!
Saitoh^> And may it be spiked if it does. ;)
* FoeWritingBeforeSherKillsHim is now known as Foenix
* Foenix would like to thank Misters Austen, Morrison, and Quitely for providing him with two years worth of bitching.
Foenix> And an honourable mention to Joe Casey, who left awhile ago to be replaced by Austen...

And thus endeth my 64th X-Rant.

Which will place #75 to be printed in Dec 2004. I've already got plans.

Barring burnout. ;)



From Gail Simone, on the DC Boards.

Okay, I just got word that I can confirm this, so I came here first.

YES, I am doing a four issue arc of Legion. I love the book, love the characters, and am having a blast. The story WILL be a standalone, but we will touch on some of DnA's brilliant stuff. It should be a fairly smooth transition, AND we'll be setting up some hints for the permanent team to follow.

I'm so jazzed about this. To those who are skeptical, I completely understand. All I can say is I love the Legion and will do my best to tell a ripping yarn. The story is already partially finished and so far, response has been excellent.

Unfortunately, John Byrne is not doing the art. I'm disappointed because I think the guy is just a giant in this industry, and his recent pencils have been excellent. When you see his JLA you'll see what I mean.

HOWEVER, the art team it looks like we'll be putting together should NOT disappoint. Another of my all-time favorites, someone I've wanted to work with for ages. More as that develops!

Fun. Can't wait.

Oh, by the way, I've seen several of the upcoming scripts for DnA's run and they KICK BOOTY. Seriously. You guys will love them, I think.

Anyway, if anyone has any comments good or bad, I'll be happy to answer as best I can, okay?

Thanks, and best wishes always,



Last night's stupid Mom comment.

"I was talking with a friend about the earthquake over in Iran, and she said the same thing I did. 'Good! Maybe it's God striking back at them. Maybe this will teach them!"

I was...truly without words.