December 29th, 2003



You want to show Elizabeth Swann what a pirates
life is really all about. Of course you will
never actually get around to it due to the fact
that she will insist that you risk your life
for her twelve times a day. But hey, on the
plus side, this girl's make up never wears off
and she has a domineering streak. Ask her if
she would like to commandeer you, and you might
just get some booty out of the deal.

Whose booty would you most like to plunder from Pirates of the Caribbean?
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Oh, thank the Gods.

I was afraid when I walked into the quiz that it would throw up Black Jack Sparrow. I'm insecure *enough* in my own masculinity to worry about *his* as well.



On the way back from Return of the King, Frank shared this little thought.

"You know, my sister could have been fact, Legolas LOOKS like my sister!"

"Thanks, Frank, now I have the mental image of Orlando Bloom in Heather's prom dress burned into my brain. There will be vengeance."



I must say (Again, if you're Zillie reading this...) that I am most amused to go through my friends pages, and see "Stolen From Foe" everywhere.

Makes me feel all warm an' fuzzy in a corruptin' way.