December 3rd, 2003



UPDATE: 12/3/04 12:47 pm: Marvel has confirmed the creative team change for Newsarama, replying to a request with the following statement:

"Announced in Mid-Ohio this past weekend and as reported Tuesday, Chris Claremont and Alan Davis will indeed be teaming together on Uncanny X-Men beginning this coming spring. We're as excited here at Marvel as we think our readers are for the superstar pairing and fans will be even more excited when they learn more about Claremont and Davis' plans.

"This new team will be one important part of spring 2004 'RELOAD' for the entire X-Men franchise, which you'll hear much more about in the coming weeks and months."

(Yay! And "Reload"? Greeeeat. Sounds like the "Revolution" all over again. Although, if we can get Bob Weinberg back on Cable... ;))