November 16th, 2003



25 thousand words! I'm halfwat to the goal!

Note, I say to the goal, not to the end. I am now dead certain that this book will span beyond the 50k goal for the month. And that is a good sign, in my opinion.

There is a major sense of accomplishment for me right now. Too bad I already had my coffee...


Geekier Than Thou

* Foenix gets some momentary amusement watching a video of live-action role-players.
Oberoten> Foe : That gets SERIOUSLY fun if you hand one of them a sharp blade... ;)
Jim_Smith> "Have at thee, Blackwolf of Ufgood!"
Foenix> Jim: Lamer, actually...
Mike_Smith> Foe: I don't wanna wait for it to download. Just tell me what they're doing.
Foenix> Mike: They're fighting a giant 'creature' and one guy keeps throwing things at him shouting "Lightning bolt!" until another one yells "Sleep!"
Mike_Smith> Foe: Are they sitting at a table making little plastic men do this?
Foenix> Mike: No. This is live-action, they're in costume and outdoors.
Mike_Smith> Foe: ... Well, you sold me on downloading this.
Jim_Smith> Man, things like this make me feel much better about owning thousands of comics.
`Archetypex> At least the comics are worth something...
Foenix> Noiw see, if he had yelled "Thunderbolt!" it may have been less effective, but definitely cooler.
Foenix> ;)
Mike_Smith> Jim: Yeah, I was beginning to feel a little depressed about that, but I can always trust Foenix to find people nerdier than me.
Jim_Smith> Arch: I'm not like you, where I spend months bidding on Uncanny X-Men comics, when I could go to Waldenbooks and buy Essential X-Men volume 1 for 15 bucks.
`Archetypex> What did he yell?
Mike_Smith> Jim: Hell, you don't even have to do that. You could just borrow the one I paid for.
Jim_Smith> "Lightning bolt! Lightning bolt! Lightning bolt!" "Sleep!"
* Mike_Smith curses his slow-ass connection. "Everyone else is hearing geeks shout 'Lightning Bolt' and I'm _missin' it_!"