July 31st, 2003



"While the titles were completed by their creative teams and ready to be printed, CrossGen's July 30th and August 6th titles will be delayed until August 13th. Please understand that it was my decision alone for internal CrossGen reasons -- outside of last week's corrupted files -- that impacted the ability of these books to be delivered on time. I hope our readers and retailing partners will accept my apology for this delay.

The good news is that I can guarantee that the following titles will go on sale August 13th:

Brath #6
DemonWars: Eye for an Eye #4
Dragon's Lair #1
The First #34
John Carpenter's Snake Plissken Chronicles #2
Mark of Charon #5
Meridian #38
Mystic #39
The Path #17
Ruse #22
Sojourn #25
Way of the Rat #16

An updated release schedule for our graphic novels will be forthcoming.

Again, please accept my apology. As always, your continued support is greatly appreciated.

Mark Alessi"