June 30th, 2003


Interesting Rumour

Mainly aimed at Dk, here:

One side effect of Marvel's decision to legally force Skindex from using Marvel skins, was that one of the site contributors was working with software publisher Irrational Games about turning Freedom Force into a Marvel title, through Epic.

Not any more. Talks have already opened with other publishers.

Urge to Kill...Rising.


Many moons ago, around May 10thish, I sent my RCA home theatre system receiver back to the company, due to a recall. The units were improperly ventilated and had this tendency to catch fire and/or melt.

Said it would take 10-15 business days. These came and went. I waited a little more, give it some time to appear, then I started dragging my ass, got lazy, finally called not twenty minutes ago.

Where is my unit? Turns out THEY don't know either. THEY FUCKING LOST IT. They *lost* it.

For those who didn't catch it, they lost a giant, 20 pound or so home theatre receiver.

"Well, we'll replace the unit, and have it shipped out..."

You're damned fucking right you will!!

And they say THIS will take 15 buisness days at the most, from the 17th of this month. Excuse me? Grab a new unit, already safe, throw it in a box, and mail it. This does not take very long. It certainly doesn't take 15 FUCKING DAYS!! It should already BE IN A FUCKING BOX AND ON A TRUCK HEADING MY WAY!

*deep breath* I read more upset than I am, really. I just needed to rant.

And I've already marked the 15th business day on my calendar, so I don't forget, because you can bet your ass I'll be calling them right up.

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