June 15th, 2003

IT Ninja

And So, It Begins

Seeing as how I a) have the money and b) the cheapest place that had it stopped offering, c) the shipping charges there made it only about ten dollars cheaper than where it's cheapest now, and d) Timey persuaded me, I have begun purchasing parts for my machine.

The first purchase, the case. Aside from the motherboard, one of the more importat parts of the machine, in my humble opinion. Sure, you can build a computer sans a case, but then the cats attack your video card, and chew on the power cables inside, rather than outside.

So, to kick off the running commentary of my adventures of computer building, here's my case. The Supermicro SC760P4 with 300w power supply. Those of you who've knownme for awhile will remember me drooling over the SC750. This is pretty much the same thing, but some slight design changes, and I *think* better cooling? Not sure, but hey. Price: $151.51

And awaaaaay we go.

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IT Ninja

Case Update

So, of course, the item slips onto back order between the time I ordered it and now. =P

Well, maybe the cheaper price from elsewhere will crop back up between now and then, hopefully.

IT Ninja

Computing Adventures

Well, since the case is on back order, I decided to go ahead and order the motherboard and processor.

Processor: AMD Athlon 2500+. A nice balance of price and power, here. $93.00
Motherboard: Epox EP-8RDA+ $85.00

The link goes to a decent review of the motherboard, for anyone interested.

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And Now, It's Time for the Fantastic Family!

Mark Waid has been fired from FF, his last issue is #508. Here's a few snippets from the article at Newsarama.

"A few weeks ago, Bill [Jemas] phoned and tried to convince me to jettison our high-adventure approach and everything else we've been doing in favor of making the FF a wacky suburban dramedy where Reed's a nutty professor who creates amazing but impractical inventions, Sue's the office-temp breadwinner, the cranky neighbor is their new "arch-enemy", etc. Editor Tom Brevoort and I discussed that option at length; ultimately, I apologized and explained that I didn't feel it was something I could write nor something that played to any of my strengths--a radical revamp like that was just too much of a departure from what I was originally hired to write. I simply, honestly, couldn't even wrap my head around the idea. Still can't."

Yeah, really?

Shortly after this article was posted, Mark Waid posted a response stating that it was his understanding that Marvel President Bill Jemas will be the new writer on the series following his departure.