June 11th, 2003


Fun Quiz

Crappy image.

The Silence of the Lambs
You are... The Silence of the Lambs - "Hello,
Creepy little f*ck, aint'cha? You thrive on
intelligence and impeccable manners, which is
probably what makes you so scary. You may seem
a little crazy, but there's method to your
madness. When you love, you are willing to give
your to someone special... still beating.

What movie quote are YOU?
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*idly wanders by and just happens to drop a link to the Birds of Prey preview for the issue coming out next week, by Gail Simone*

Honestly not to big on Benes's art. It's nice, but he tends a bit too much towards the "Huh huh, babes!" spectrum.

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