May 18th, 2003



I was just reading a review of the new Diamond Select Black Cat figure, and decided to share this amusingly disturbing bit.

"The best description of the Black Cat figure would be that she's sculpted to be anatomically improbable. She's lithe and voluptuous, with measurements that will lead to a chiropractor. Her pose looks relatively innocent with her black jumpsuit (that is at least two sizes too small) unzipped to reveal part of her hourglass figure. Better make that an hour and a half. Her breasts are actually made of a softer plastic than the body, so they are slightly squishy while still being firm. This determination was made after rigorous testing, though she did lose the 'Pepsi Challenge' with a pair of the real things."

Yes, the latest feature, squishy boobs!

Read the full review here.


B5 Season 3

Just came across this info...

WB will be releasing season 3 ahead of the six month schedule, and giving it to us in August 12, instead of sometime in November. Yay! A few more documentaries, and commentaries - fingers crossed for Z'Ha'Dum and Severed Dreams by JMS.

And as an added bonus, here's a view of the box art. Yay, Lyta! Marcus!

I'm already prepared for my eventual aggrivation with the video store. =P