May 4th, 2003


X-Men 2 DollarWatch


Final figures show that X2 earned a massive $33,896,000 from 3,741 theaters on opening day!

The figure marks the second biggest opening day of all time, beating "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone's" $32.3 million and trailing only Spider-Man, which took an incredible $39.4 million its first day.

Stay tuned for more box office updates!

X-Men 3 Watch

What? It's not to early for that, damnit. Again, from SHH.

The Calgary Sun has up an interesting interview with X2 director Bryan Singer talking about a third film...

"I would definitely be involved in some capacity on a third X-Men film because I love the franchise and I love the cast, but I don't necessarily see myself having to direct it."

He could see himself writing the third film if specific things could be worked out with the major players involved.

"I have purposely incorporated things into X2 and have ideas that would lend themselves to future pictures, but certain circumstances would have to be appropriated because I really want to do a few small pictures before I tackle another big, special-effects movie."

X-Men 2 Watch

Estimates for Friday and Saturday are coming in around 63 million. I note the Friday estimate is lower than what actually is coming in, so that number will likely be higher. Early weekend totals are seeming to point towards anywhere from 85 to 95 million. I'll post with actual numbers at some time on Monday.

In the meantime, an article expanding on the above.