December 8th, 2002



Since I can't guarantee the FoeNet's uptime, and want to spare my transfer limit if I can, these are the best-functioning servers as if me going to sleep.

Good luck!



Looks like today's round of attacks have begun, so FoeNet is up. I won't be around for a bit, though


(Edit: As of this posting Jade is functioning, but full. That's probably changed in the thirty seconds it took to type this =P)


Something from the DAL newsgroup I liked, and thought I'd share.
DALnet isn't dead. It just goes up and down, there are always SOME
server to connect to, although it can be a hell to get onto the ones
who manage to breath, stay alive and accept clients for a bit.

We will always survive, question is how long it will take until the
persons attacking us gives up and sees that its pointless. Eventually
they will grow up, too.

People who think they can attack DALnet until they get us to do what
they want, can start thinking about other things. DALnet will never
ever give in to terrorism.