December 6th, 2002



Looks like Firefly's hiatus won't be the end of the series. Fox will still have, at the end of this month, three episodes left to air. But considering they just ordered those to be filmed, it's IMO unlikely that they'll bite the bullet and not air 'em.

The question becomes now, when will they air, and will the show be moved to another timeslot?

Scary rumours on that front are putting it on Thursdays at 8pm, opposite Friends. Yeah, that's a MUCH better time...


DAL servers

Those of you who've been on tonight, may have noticed...a few splits.

To minimise this, I'm suggesting a handful of servers that have been *mostly* together all evening. I make no guarantees. Hopefully, if we're on a few servers, this will keep the splits low, and a we won't help overload a single server.

It seems that it's mainly hubs and the servers connected to them that are being split off, so these seem fairly safeish. Caveat emptor, as always...

And if all that fails, I'll have my IRC server running.