June 26th, 2002


B5 DVD Watch

From JMS:

On the DVDs, last I heard they'll be out around mid-November, with the whole first season at about a hundred bucks. I did the commentaries on Signs and Portents and Chrysalis, and an on-camera intro and interview. They've also done new interviews with Rick Biggs, Claudia, John Iacovelli, John Copeland, Stephen Furst, Jerry Doyle and others. So it should be a pretty big deal overall, much better than the movie dvd.

Oh, Melodiiiist

"According to a recent post by Sir Ian McKellen on the E-Post section of his official Web site, X-Men stars Tyler Mane (Sabretooth) and Ray Park (Toad) have returned for the mutant movie sequel, despite their being no mention of them thus far."


Cartoon network is starting to live up to its name, and getting some of the classics. They've got the new He-Man cartoon coming (Not exactly the CLASSIC, but a start), and on July 1st at 1am, they're going to start airing the old GI Joe cartoon.

They should do something like...like... a late-night 80s block! GI Joe! Transformers! He-Man! Voltron! Thundercats! Well, ok, I don't care personally for the last, but I figured I'd toss the folks who do a bone. =)

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