May 19th, 2002



A little something from #Comicbooks I felt like remembering.

ThisIsNo> crap, I'm out of pencil lead
* ThisIsNo slams head against desk
Foenix> Write in blood!
ThisIsNo> lol I am drawing
ThisIsNo> but blood will work nonetheless
ThisIsNo> ;-)
Foenix> Oh, you'll fit in nicely around here. =)
ThisIsNo> maybe I can find some lead in the couch
ThisIsNo> you can always find what is needed in the couch
Foenix> Lead, pennies, knives, Jimmy Hoffa...


Not quite.

which Episode II character are you?

Senator Palpatine. First acquaintances do not see you for who you really are. You have a great power inside you, and are already beginning to manipulate those around you. You cannot stand do-gooders and are plotting against everybody to finally get what it is that you want. Power. In order to gain power, you need someone strong and intelligent - and there is one....

A little tweaking garnered me Obi-Wan, as 90% of SW quizzes do. ;)